Facebook ads get stalker-like with friends posts


Two weeks ago, a Facebook friend  shared a link to Amazon on his wall.

Now it lives at the top of my news feed EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


I’m sure this works great for them – it comes across as a personal recommendation and when it’s not being posted as a joke, like this one has been, it probably leads to increased sales.

But why is it still showing up two weeks later? Several of his friends have now mentioned it’s frustrating them.

Buzzfeed just posted an article about the same thing happening with a link posted to clothing retailer Bonobos.

Why not limit it to being seen a couple of times? Seeing it multiple times every day for weeks is really putting me off sharing any links to Amazon in the future, and definitely isn’t going to see me buying this book. I don’t know if Facebook and Amazon share data based on email address, but Amazon must know it’s not the kind of book I’d ever be interested in reading.

Why McDonalds burgers look better in photos than in real life


A McDonalds fan asked the company why their burgers looked different in ads from the product they bought in the shop. Instead of playing dumb as you might expect, they filmed a detailed video looking at how their products are photographed.

Tahsin is a fantastic activity for a brand that gets so much negative publicity. An honest approach has worked really well for them.

Confusion over likes and comments on Facebook Timeline actions


I’m a bit confused about actions on Facebook, and how ‘likes’ and comments are assigned to different things you have been able to do since Timeline launched.

One example was where I changed relationship status, I had two different places where ‘likes’ lived, depending on where friends saw the change. But the more obvious (and frequent) example is where you share Instagram photos on Facebook.

On my timeline, people can like and comment on the action itself. Here’s my kitty with five likes and one comment.

Here it is in the ‘actions’ column which lives at the top of your timeline.

But if you click on the photo itself, it opens up in the Facebook image loader, and shows a different set of likes – in this case, three likes and two comments.

Why aren’t they all merged together?

Nominet offers single year .uk domain registrations


To date, you’ve only been able to register .uk domains for 2 year blocks, no more and no less. As of today, you can register from 1 to 10 years.

Nominet’s wholesale costs are £3.50 plus VAT for one year registrations, and £5 plus vat for two years plus £2.50 plus vat. Keep this in mind when buying domains from resellers who charge £30 per year or more. I use Gandi.net, who charge £4 per year.

News release from Nominet

Google Wage


Google Wave was possibly one of the better products Google have launched in the last few years. Since announcing its closure, there have been many times I’ve realised I would really value having access to it. Writing documents with other live collaborators is brilliant.

Sadly, its time has come. Except in one final kick in the teeth, Google misspell the service name in an email to all users.